Surgical Institute of Michigan brings together outstanding clinicians from an array of specialties. Our surgeons have been trained at some of the nation’s leading schools and hospitals.

The spine team at the Surgical Institute of Michigan offer expert and compassionate care. Your care will be provided by a small dedicated professional team of staff with the aim of making your stay as pleasant and stress free as possible.
Prior to coming to the Surgical Institute of Michigan your physician will have diagnosed the source of your problem through a series of physical examinations, X Rays and scans and prescribed a course of treatment that would have probably included a program of exercises, a corset for support, weight loss and general body conditioning. If these have not provided the relief and improvements you sought, then, after thorough discussion with your surgeon you may have decided to seek surgical relief.
The Surgical Institute for Michigan is proud to have performed the Superion System procedure. This procedure greatly benefits the patient and is ideally suited to an Ambulatory Surgery Center. Superion is a safe and effective less invasive procedure than traditional spinal procedures. The Superion System has been thoroughly tested and FDA approved to successfully treat leg pain associated with moderate spinal stenosis. Superion is just a short 45 minute procedure where is small spacer device is implanted through a small incision in the lower back. This procedure will preserve mobility while providing stability. Patients will see leg pain significantly reduced within a few days of the procedure.
Microdisectomy is the most common surgical procedure for a herniated disc in the lower back and usually performed in An Ambulatory Surgery Center it is a short procedure which takes about 45 minutes to perform. You will spend a few hours at the surgery center, going home when you are comfortable, having walked a short distance and being able to perform basic activities.
Spinal Injections are performed safely under the guidance of x-ray. The x-ray can be diagnostic or as a form of treatment used to relieve pain. The use of x-ray or fluoroscopy ensures the procedure be extremely safe by confirming the correct placement of the needle and medication.
After the majority of spinal surgeries at the Surgical Institute of Michigan you will be able to return to work with 10-14 days if you have a desk job, you will probably have a lifting restriction of 20lb for 6-8 weeks. These are general instructions and you must for maximum benefit and recovery follow the specific instructions of your doctor.

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